Koi Princess slot

As an amazing winter warm-up, NetEnt released Koi Princess today to most of the online casino sites out there, at least the ones we prefer. The provider has confirmed that this is the most feature packed slot they have ever created! When you get into this game you will definitely understand what they are talking about when referring to a feature packed video slot!

So let’s walk through some of the reasons to why Koi Princess will be a long-term favorite for lots of players out there. First of all William Hill are going to be offering this video slot offline in the UK; so you will not only see this video slot online! You can hear from the name of the video slot that the theme is Asian, however still a very clean and bright layout, definitely a slot that vibes of happiness!

When spinning on this slot, you can choose whether or not to bet with bonus bet activated or deactivated, however we really recommend having the bonus bet activated since it greatly increases your chances of hitting those random features. Even though the bet amount gets doubled when you are playing with bonus bet, it is so much worth it in this video slot, it doesn’t only increase the hit-rate of random features, it also increases the value of them!

The random features in the video slot

koi princess slotLet’s start going through the vast amount of features in this slot! First out, when you are playing in the base game, there is a random chance that that 3 Koi fishes jumps up from the water, choose one of them to activate one of the below features. To our knowledge it doesn’t matter which one you click, which one of the random features that is being triggered is completely random.

The first random feature is the 5-Hit, this amazing feature guarantees one spin with a 5 symbol winning paying line! So 5 consecutive positions on the reels are going to be emptied, and then a wheel spins, randomly choosing what symbol it is going to place in all of those positions, opening up possibilities to win with the highest paying symbol, on a full bet line!
The second feature makes the slot re-spin once, shooting out up to 9 wild symbols on the reels! This can also generate some huge winnings for sure!
koi princess wild reels

The wild reels feature also gives you 1 single re-spin, with the chance of having 2 – 5 reels totally covered with wilds, this means that you can possibly have the whole video slot covered with wild symbols!

The 4th and most awesome random feature, will ensure that you win the bonus feature! Think that we are done already? We are only half way through! Above we described all the random features that can occur when playing in the base game. Below we describe the bonus features in the game.

There are 2 ways of getting into the bonus game. The first one is by triggering the last random feature, this ensures that you enter the bonus game. The 2nd way of entering the bonus game by getting 3 of the bonus symbols on the reels in the same spin! When the bonus feature is activated, a wheel will start spinning, choosing randomly one of the below 4 bonus features for you!

SURE WIN FREE SPINS is definitely the most interesting bonus feature, with a very real potential of paying out stunning amounts of cash! By hitting this feature, you are awarded 10 sure win free spins. Sure win means that if you for example wins 200 coins on the first spin, then you will be awarded 200 coins on the next spin as well if the next spin doesn’t pay out higher than 200 coins. If the next spin pays over 200 coins, the all free spins after that will pay out the new highest win, and then it goes on like this for 10 whole free spins! What you want here is of course to win high in the beginning, because that means that the smallest amount you will win in the feature is 10 times that amount!

Wild reels free spins gives you 10 free spins, where up to 5 reels can get totally covered in wild symbols once again! Every spin in this feature activates wilds on between 1-5 reels, also opening up some real potential for big winnings!

The third bonus feature is the bonus wheel, you get 1 spin on this wheel, giving you chances of winning instant coin wins, or even chances of hitting sure win or wild reels free spins!
The last and least interesting is the coin win, where you have the chance to win an instant coin win, not as funny as the bonus features for sure!


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