Guns N’ Roses slot

Hello everyone, it feels great to be back and writing again, this time about a very interesting video slot featuring an amazing theme that probably all of you are familiar with: Guns n Roses! Yes, NetEnt did indeed team up with one of the most amazing rock bands out there to create a feature filled video slot that will blow your mind!

Game symbols in the videos slot

Firstly, let’s get into the build of the symbols and where you can expect most of the winnings. So there seems to be 3 sets in this game, which is quite unusual seeing that most of video slots has 2, one low paying and one high paying set of symbols, where the high paying set usually more rich in color and the low paying most commonly is a set of numbers and/or letters. The high paying symbols in this video slot are of course the famous artists playing this amazing band, whenever any of these symbols create a paying line on any of the bet lines in the video slot, you will see a lovely animation of the artists in the symbol.

guns roses slotThe mid-paying symbols, I think there are 2 of them If I’m not mistaken, are guitar picks in different colors and symbols.

The low pays are symbols that you can see in a normal card deck, 10, J, Q, K and A can all be found in the machine and doesn’t payout very high amounts, however together with the features that we will get to at a later stage, you can still except some nice winnings from these symbols as well, at least from the higher end of them!

On top of the paying symbols, we have 2 more, which is the Wild symbol and the Bonus symbol. The wild symbol in this game adds tons of value as it always expands to cover the entire reel it lands on, so if you get 1 wild on each reel in the slot, you are basically covering the whole video slot with wild, obviously ending up with stunning winnings! A played this game for about 1000 game rounds in the testing session and I can actually say that it happened quite often that I got 2 or even 3 wilds after each other, most often creating high rewards!

The Bonus symbol can only appear on reel 1-3-5 in the video slot, when hit it will trigger the bonus feature, which can possibly set you up for 1 of 2 different bonus features which are both very funny, I will get more into those in the bonus features section below.

Bonus features in Guns N Roses

The bonus features in the video slot is quite intricate, and can reward some pretty neat winnings! Firstly, to start the bonus feature at all, you need to have the bonus symbol appearing on all possible reels which are 1,3 and 5. When you hit the bonus symbol on all 3 reels, a nice bonus wheel will appear, when it stops is entirely up to you, as long as you don’t take too long, then it will eventually stop on itself, nonetheless, it is important to note that there is no skill in this stop function, it will always be completely random where it lands.

So, what can you win on the bonus wheel? Here is what’s up:

Coin wins, this is boring… No one wants to win flat coin wins, since the other features described below opens up possibilities for so much higher winnings than the flat wins you can get on the wheel.

Pick N Win feature, this is the “crowd control” feature that is listed on the wheel. Inside this feature, your main object is to please the crowd as much as possible! You can please the crowd by choosing different instruments, such as electric guitars, drum sets, microphones and other items that are relevant to the theme of the video slot, and of course in a manner, some of these objects results in a better outcome with higher coin wins!

Encore free spin feature! This to me was the most interesting bonus feature in the slot, mainly because I love free spins, and because this feature has some really nice additional goodies! So you are awarded 10 free spins, and on every single spin, one of the artists of Guns N Roses will appear and cover one entire reel with wilds, on top of this, the symbol of the artist that appeared will also be converted into wild symbols no matter where in the slot it appears. So every single free spin in this feature can result in cover large areas of the video slot with wilds, especially if we consider the normal wild symbol as well that always covers the reel it lands on!

Outside of the bonus feature, there are some really nice bonus features in the base-game. The first one is the random multiplier, where you can win up to 10x more than usual! The animation in this feature is actually quite unique as well, it definitely caught my attention! So basically, whenever you have a winning combination of 3 symbols, there is chance that on the 4th reel, a box will appear on the middle row, highlighting every symbol which is the same as the paying line, and for every time a symbol like that flies by, the multiplier goes up by 1x.

The maximum this feature can reach, is 10x, and what’s so exciting about it, is that the spin isn’t finished before the random multiplier is set, so you don’t know how much you are going to win just because the multiplier is set, the spin has yet to finish after this!

The next base-game feature in this slot is the cross-wild, this is a nice combination of wild symbols that forms a pattern similar to a cross. The pattern is 3 symbols wide, and 4 symbols high, and lands with the middle of the cross on reel 3. You will see in a spin that the cross flies by on the middle reels on being on fire, creating an awesome animation with a stunning winning anticipation!

Summary of Guns N Roses video slot

First of all, the theme is just amazing, I really enjoyed playing the game much because of the theme by itself. Whenever you win in the game, the crowd in the background of the game goes crazy and just creates a very big-room feeling that makes me want to keep on spinning!

Another nice side-feature of the game that doesn’t really affect the payout of the slot, is that you have a track-list of some of the most famous songs from Guns N Roses to the left, just a nice addition which works great with the slot.

I personally like slots that are really feature packed, so I am really happy that NetEnt started to provide some nice feature-packed content, their last video slots has generally been quite full of features, Koi Princess that they created last month is the most feature packed slot they ever created. My guess is that they have started doing this more and more to get more appeal in the UK, since generally, feature packed slots are more preferred in the UK.

The video slot will be available on all my listed casino sites, on both desktop, mobile and tablet! So you will surely not miss out on this awesome release!