Deposit Bonus

We help you find the most appealing casino bonus offers out there. Not only with the best amounts but also with terms and conditions that are safe for you. These casino bonus offers give you a good chance to try a casino before deciding whether or not to stay.

Best deposit bonus offers

We believe that these casino bonuses are very good if you want to try your luck with better odds. Below is a list of casino sites that is offering big casino bonuses to you when you register, so feel free to try them out!

What is the best welcome deposit bonus?

deposit bonus uk casinoA deposit bonus or sign up casino bonus is common at online casino sites to attract new customers. Welcome offers can come in different formats, it gives you the possibility to play for more cash than you deposited, nowadays even up to 2-300% of your deposited money, however such bonuses is often blinding as the rules of these casino bonus offers are generally bad. Before depositing, watch out for rules such as minimum deposit and high wagering requirements.

The best casino bonus offers might not always be the ones where you get to play for 300% of your deposited amount, it might as well be a 100% deposit casino bonus that has a higher maximum bonus amount and a lower wagering requirement. We made sure to present the casino bonus offers and welcome bonuses that are the safest, with the highest chance of you getting away with the riches!

All the possibilities a casino bonus opens up!

Our recommended casino sites all have great casino bonus offers, but before jumping right in to your favorite slot machine, make sure to have a look around and check if there is anything more that you might get value from.

Casino sites have tournaments, when you have a deposit bonus active its a great time to try and win these tournaments because you have more money than you deposited. Some tournaments are based on the amounts of spins you make during a period. This is definitely appealing for the ones of you that like to play with low amounts for a long time! There are also other types of tournaments where you have an edge by playing with a casino bonus.

Our personal favorite is when the score is based on the highest won amount in 20 game rounds. In tournaments like these it doesn’t matter if 1000 of your game rounds are bad, you still have a good shot at winning. You are going to have a harder time of winning in a tournament that is based on winnings-losses if you had an unlucky start.

For the ones of you that likes to play risky, when you have a casino bonus we recommend looking out for tournaments where the score is based on highest won amount in 20 game rounds, this is because you then can play slot machines that might not pay out very often, but when they do they pay out big, which is in line with playing risky, looking for the bigger winnings!

Online Campaigns

Many casino sites have other types of running campaigns as well, such as cash back offers and monthly/weekly slot machine races. Cash back offers are great to look out for as well, definitely if you intend on taking a huge deposit bonus and go for the super wins.

Should it be the case that you fail and lose your deposited money and the bonus, you might still get another chance once the cash back is credited to give the slot machines yet another try and see if the luck has turned! Monthly and weekly slot machine races are also very interesting, many races actually pay out top 100 customers with cash prices every week, and if you take a big welcome offer and deposit a high amount, you are very likely to play enough to actually end up in top 100 on races like these and end up winning some cash here as well!

Online casino sites might have more than one ongoing promotions at the time you claim a welcome casino bonus, if you keep an eye out you might be able to get more casino bonuses without the need of depositing more- This gives you an even higher chance of making profit. Feel free to check out our news page to stay updated with any possible ongoing campaigns or tournaments that can combine with a great welcome casino bonus that we have listed!

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