Online Casino Bonuses

We are very happy that you made it to our website and really hope that we can assist you on your way to finding the most exclusive and promising online casino bonuses there are. Not only do we find the best casino bonuses out there for you, we also make sure that the listed casino sites are guaranteed to offer you a great experience above of offering a great welcome offer.

The reason to why we call ourselves is because we are available and working 24 hours a day to gather every detail there is about online casino and casino bonus offers to make sure that you get the experience you are looking for. Casino bonuses weren’t as common before as they are today, and that is because the competition for customers between casino sites weren’t as harsh as they are today. It is getting harder and harder for online casino sites to keep their share of the market due to the massive competition there is.

This is of course very good for you as a potential customer, as it means that you have the possibilities to get a lot more value for your money in an online casino today than you were able to a few years back. We are here to make sure you get the best casino bonus offers there is today, together with a great overall experience at any of our listed casino sites.

Casino bonus offers!

When looking at online casino sites it is clear that you can get very high amounts of casino bonuses on top of your deposit no matter how much you intend on depositing. We are here to make sure that you as a customer will have a safe and fun experience with online casino bonuses. All of our listed casino sites are doing campaigns all the time together with new slot machines, holidays or other events. We will keep you updated on as much of these campaigns as possible on our news section so make sure to check it out!

online casino bonuses ukThe online casino sites in the list has been chosen based on large scale research that was made by us here at, we have been looking at everything from bonus rules of the casino bonus offers to the experience of their online casino. We also looked at if they have good mobile sites. Taking all into count, we ensure that you can maximize your casino bonus and have a great overall experience. In addition to this you can play wherever you want, whenever you want on your mobile device!

The amount and percentage of casino bonuses may differ a lot between online casino, however take note of all other positive features a casino might have on top of their actual welcome package!

Play anywhere with mobile casino bonuses

In the past few years we have seen a numbers rising in mobile activity on all casino sites, this is of because the online casino is getting more and more available on mobile devices at the same time as mobiles are being used more. Here at we like online casinos that can offer slot machines and casino bonuses on any device, not only on the computer. It is a positive feature for an online casino to offer a mobile website so that customers can play wherever they want since it gives you as a customer the ability to play whenever you wish to! All of our listed casino sites have their websites on mobile as well so that you can play at any time! If you want to know more about mobile casino sites make sure to visit our other website, where we show you how you can find the best mobile casinos!

Spend the evening at home with a casino bonus!

Using a casino bonus is a very fun way of spicing up a calm evening at home. A good casino bonus will always give you much bigger chances on the big winnings we are all looking for, this is because casino bonuses increases the total amount that you get to play for. A casino bonus is an addition to the money that you put in yourself, it is truly amazing how so many online casino sites can offer casino bonuses to the amounts that are available today. This all makes it much better for you as a customer since it’s always more fun with a casino bonus!

A 100% deposit casino bonus will double your playing time, hence your chances of hitting a very unlikely win on any slot machines doubles as well. This is why we are always looking for online casino sites that can offer you as much casino bonus as possible on top of your own money, not only on your first deposit but in the long run as well, so that you can keep on enjoying casino bonuses and have an exciting time whenever you want to.

Try out online casinos with a no-deposit casino bonus

best casino bonusesOnline casino sites offers several different types of casino bonuses, the most commonly used ones are no-deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. A no-deposit casino bonus means that you don’t have to deposit any money at all to receive a bonus. This which means that there is no risk in it for you! These bonuses are of course great for testing out new casino sites, however no-deposit casino bonuses are very small initially.

If you are a loyal customer to a casino site you might be offered far better no-deposit bonuses in the long run such as free spins and free cash bonuses, this is why it’s good to stick with one casino. Many online casinos don’t care that much about their customers and do not have good enough retention for you to feel welcome as a customer. We can ensure that all listed casino sites here at have the most welcoming casino bonus offers there are.

Our listed casino sites are also very aware of loyal customers and make sure that you are being offered what you deserve, both in terms off no-deposit and deposit casino bonus offers.

Deposit casino bonus

In difference from no-deposit casino bonuses, a deposit casino bonus is of higher value as it bases its amount of cashing on how much you decide to deposit. With bonuses like these you can always find a lot of extra value if you feel like making a big deposit. The most common deposit casino bonus is 100% bonuses. This bonus adds the same amount of cash that you deposited to your account again, however as bonus money. Bonus money has to be wagered a set amount of times before you can withdraw.

If you intend on chasing big winnings you don’t really have to worry too much about wagering conditions, the only point of wagering conditions is that the casino sites want to ensure that the money used to match your deposit is being used to on casino, as that was the reason they added the casino bonus. We think that wagering conditions are still fair play on the casino sites end as long as they don’t overdo it. You don’t really have to worry about this if you intend on playing for a while. All of our listed casino sites offers great deposit casino bonuses in their welcome offers, which means that you are given a bonus on your very first deposit!

Casino bonus strategies – have fun!

Depending on what your goal is with a casino bonus, you can take different approaches as to how you should play, what bet amounts you should be using and what slot machine you decide to wager on. Here at we prefer taking high risks for high rewards, however everyone might not like this approach.

Others might like to decrease the risk as much as possible and with that decrease the reward as well. By changing bet amounts and slot you can change these parameters and ensure that you get the experience that you are looking for. We will get more into casino bonus strategies below, if you are interested in playing casino with a casino bonus we suggest that you check our listed casino bonus offers!

High risk – high reward

When we play with a casino bonus we think that it’s much more interesting and exciting to up the stakes a bit and play a slot machine that might not pay very often, but when it does it pays out big. So when we want to play we look for the big casino no deposit bonuses and then we play games such as:

  • Dead or Alive – One of NetEnt’s most volatile games, which has a really amazing bonus feature that can end up paying over 5000x the staked amount. actually many casino sites decided to ban this slot from bonus offers because the slot was focusing too hard on the big winnings. Unfortunately this slot isn’t available on mobile casinos either as it’s quite an old title from this slot machine provider.
  • Jack and the Beanstalk – Amazing bonus feature as well, we get the same feeling that we get from Dead or Alive. The bonus feature might not pay anything at all, however when you do manage to collect enough keys and wilds starts to appear everywhere, you’re in for a treat! There is nothing that beats the feeling that you actually had high stakes when ending up with a game round like that, and here at we think it’s worth the risk any time!
  • Raging Rhino – This game focuses a huge chunk of its winnings on the highest paying symbol. The rest of the symbols barely has any value at all which makes this game very interesting if you have a big enough bankroll. The highest paying symbol in this game is the rhino and if you at any time during your session end up with the rhino on all reels, you could be winning amazingly high amounts!
  • Wish Master – This game is one of the few slot machines where it is possible to actually fill the whole slot with wild symbols. This is a really fast pace game where your bankroll can disappear very quickly, however the risk is worth it when you end up with 3 features activated, preferably features that focuses on adding more wild symbols in the game. The feeling when you know that the coming game rounds are going to pay big is hard to beat, and worth risking for!

With a casino bonus, you can have so much fun if you are willing to put some risk in the mix!

Low risk – bigger chance of reward, but less of a reward

We know that as a new customer to an online casino, one doesn’t think about these strategies. Instead you are more likely to just enter a random slot where the picture and name looks appealing to you and play at a bet amount that you feel is appropriate. You will have even more fun if have know about how certain slots work and how they can affect your playing session, and we hope that this information will help you with deciding how you wish to play online casino slots with a casino bonus.

If you like to play with lower risk of losing, you should always try to bet as low amounts as possible since your payout steadies around the theoretical return to player if you play enough game rounds. To make the payout even steadier and higher, play slot machines with a high theoretical payout percentage, low variance and low volatility. Yo put this in more understandable words, play games that doesn’t pay out a lot, but pays out very often, below are some games that has the properties needed to lower the risk.

  • Bloodsuckers –This slot has an amazingly high hit rate, and a very steady payout frequency. We don’t really recommend this game though because it’s a very old game and doesn’t really deliver the best possible experience, however if you want to play with low risk and low reward, go for this slot!
  • Starburst (Read more about the Starburst slot machine here) – Netent’s most played slot ever, people seem to never get tired of this slot. This slot machine is perfectly okay to play if you don’t want to risk too much, Bloodsuckers has a lower volatility though.
  • Fruit Shop slot (Read more about the Fruit Shop slot machine here) – Also a strong performer from NetEnt, it seems evident that low volatility reaches out to a wider crowd, simply because it is easier to build a taste for winning often, as where customers playing high volatile slots for a short time might not get those big winnings and therefore leave the game. This game works well as well if you wish to lower the risk when playing with a bonus, you will basically be playing forever with all these slots, and maybe with a tiny bit of luck you could end up with the bonus wagered completely and maybe you profited or lost just a little bit in relation to this amount.

We wish you all the luck in your ventures in the online casino world!